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Problems With Your Business Phones?

Investing in a software-based IP PBX makes a lot of sense, not only for new companies buying a phone system, but also for companies wanting to upgrade. An IP PBX delivers such significant savings in management, maintenance, and call costs, that upgrading to an IP PBX, should be the obvious choice for any company.
While we believe that it’s a necessity to upgrade to 3CX, we have listed five of the top reasons you should explore upgrading:

The 3CX Web Client

3CX sports a web client with a modern user interface and integrated features. The new web client is optimized for Chrome and the Click2Call Chrome extension allows easy one-click dialing.  No additional plugins are needed, and now you can use your CRM system or Office 365 with Click2Call.  This new web client is also optimized for Firefox.

Inbuilt Bulletproof Security

It takes inbuilt security to a whole new level.  This version has a more secure web server configuration, as well as A+ rating from the SSL lab.  You will also benefit from automatic generation & management of SSL certs, as well as different types of traffic encryption.  The latest 3CX update also will detect and auto-blacklist SIP attack tools.

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Smartphone Clients

One of the best things about 3CX is how it promotes mobility.  3CX has updated the smartphone clients with new features, such as being able to answer calls from a phone’s lock screen.  Also, do you have remote workers that utilize 3CX?  3CX smartphone clients can now be controlled remotely, which is great for those that work from home.

Easy Customization with Applications

3CX has expanded its integrations and now 3cxsupports more applications right out of the box. Users can get even more out of their 3CX experience by adding the apps they need, like Office365 and Salesforce. The scriptable interface also makes it easy to integrate with CRM, contract center, and outbound call center solutions.

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Integrated Web Conferencing

In addition to everything else, the new web client integrates video conferencing.  It is easy for users to initiate a web conference, directly from the client.  There is no need for additional clients or plugins, which makes this process seamless and efficient. In addition, it provides this web conferencing feature free of charge for up to 100 participants.  This makes 3CX the first PBX vendor to include a free web conferencing feature.

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