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5 Safe Online Shopping Tips For this Holiday Season

Another holiday season is upon us, and that means many of us will be making purchases online to avoid large crowds and busy mall traffic. Here are some important online shopping safety tips to keep in mind.

1.Watch out for strange confirmation emails

 Beware clicking on links you receive from unfamiliar websites. It could be a “phishing” scheme, where shoppers who click through are led to a false site developed to steal their data. If the deal is too good to pass up, enter the website name by hand into your browser.

2.Be sure you’re shopping securely online.

When you visit a website, there are two main protocols via which data transfer takes place – HTTP and HTTPS. That one little “S” makes all the difference. In this case it stands for ‘Secure.’ If a URL starts with HTTPS, your connection to that website is securely encrypted. It means that sensitive information such as your ID, password, credit card details, etc. will be encrypted and any malicious 3rd party cannot intercept it or tamper with it.

3. Say ‘No’ to Public Wi-Fi

Here’s the thing about the public Wi-Fi networks – they’re NOT SECURE! As much as we love public Wi-Fi, we should keep its use limited to text messages. When it comes to sending your sensitive information to a website/app, public Wi-Fi networks are good for nothing. It took just 10 minutes for a 7-year-old kid to hack into a public Wi-Fi. Yes, a seven-year-old kid!

4.Use Apps Downloaded from Trusted Sources

Hello Android users. As we all know, it’s much easier to install unauthorized, 3rd party applications on Android than on other platforms. This can be a boon as well as bane because it gives an opportunity to hackers to infuse malware in apps and steal users’ data.

So, always insist on using official apps downloaded from authorized platforms

5. Think Before You Click and Read Before You Think

Spear-phishing has become the go-to technique of cyber criminals to trick users into clicking on a particular link or visiting a specific webpage. They do this by circulating spoofy e-mails to thousands of users simultaneously. You might believe that the e-mail has been sent from the party it says from. However, that may not always be the case. As a rule of thumb, check the e-mail address of the sender before you click on it or download anything. Also, don’t forget to check what’s written in there. Quite often, they comprise of some really silly grammatical errors.

Cited HashedOut: 5 Easy but Effective Tips to Safe Online Shopping This Holiday Season

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