2016 Business of the Year

Our Office Manager, Denise Grissom and our Business Development Manager, Wendy McDaniel, receiving the award


Wilson Computer Support was nominated and then chosen for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Business of the Year award on many grounds. With small businesses, response to adversity is paramount. Being able to adapt and grow in a challenging and changing economy is what separates the successful from the rest. Wilson Computer Support showed their ability to assess, readjust, and then adapt to the changing needs of their customers while growing their business in a fiscally difficult period.

with Lynn Ray, Chair of the Small Business Work Group (left) and Wendy McDaniel (center)

Focusing on giving back to the community and supporting other local businesses is important when determining a candidate for this award. Wilson Computer Support has made charitable contributions on many occasions as well as being involved with community projects. From discounting non-profit organizations to leading discussion panels at Hoover High School, Wilson Computer Support does all it can to give back and interact with their neighbors and friends.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their outstanding support and business that makes Wilson Computer Support what it is today! Last month, we were honored with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Small Business of the Year Award. We have always loved being part of the community and giving back to our customers. With this award, we will gain visibility which will give us a great opportunity to become even more involved in our hometown!

View photos from the Event!

Wendy McDaniel and Denise Grissom speaking with a Regions representative

People enjoying the 2016 4th Annual Small Business of the Year Awards’ Luncheon

John Kessler (center), CEO of Community Response Systems, a client of Wilson Computer Support, with Damita White Hill (left) and Keith Brown (right).

People enjoying the luncheon event. Click to learn more about the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce





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