Cell Phones – Replace or Repair

With phones today becoming more and more expensive, repairs are becoming a more 0950f6c5-3510-4208-bebc-be02105b3cbbviable option over replacements. Most cell phones have readily available parts for the most common repairs. When looking at whether to repair or replace your cell phone you should take the following things into consideration:

How long have you had the phone?

Usually older phones have more parts available while newer phones have fewer. When a new phone comes out on the market the manufacturer usually has not had enough parts made for there to be enough reasonably priced parts out to repair the phone. If the parts are not readily available, that causes the repair to be more expensive. Inversely, an older phone will be cheaper to fix due to the large availability of parts.

Is your screen cracked?

Most people know someone that is walking around with a phone that has a cracked screen. In terms of cost, this is a relatively inexpensive fix. A new phone will end up costing you around $400-600 if you are not eligible for an upgrade. A new screen for your phone, depending on the model, usually costs around $100-150. Cracked screens and LCDs are a quick and easy fix. We almost always recommend this choice as opposed to replacing the whole phone.

Is the battery draining quickly?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you look down at your phone half way through the day and realize that it is almost out of power. There are two big things that cause this problem, and both are easily fixable on most cell phones! The lithium ion batteries that are in phones today start out promising a full day’s worth of battery life, but over time that battery life gets shorter and shorter. By the time most clients are eligible for an upgrade the battery only lasts a few hours, if not less. The second thing that causes phones to lose power quickly is a loose DC connection. People are always trying to get the most of their phones and have to keep them charging through parts of the day. This can pose a problem because depending on the angle of the cord and the integrity of the charger itself, this can cause your battery to drain quickly or not be able to complete a charge. That pressure and pulling over time will cause the dock connector or dc jack on your phone to wear out and become loose. The good news for both of these issues is that they are entirely fixable on most devices. A battery or a loose dc connection repair is around $80-100, depending on the model. Again, this repair is minuscule compared to the price of a new phone if you’re not eligible for an upgrade.

Can you currently use the phone you have?

A lot of people are not aware of everything that their phone is capable of. If you are discouraged because you feel that your phone is a little above your head, or you were promised great features that you can’t make use of, don’t worry! This would be the easiest fix out of all that are mentioned here. We specialize in in-office consultations where we can sit down with you and run through your phone’s features and make sure you understand how everything works. This also includes syncing multiple accounts (like your Apple ID), setting your phone to back up to a cloud device, and showing you how to maximize your productivity and battery life.

How much storage is left on your phone?

Storage is one of the most sought after commodities in a phone. Unfortunately, if your phone doesn’t have the option to expand the memory, other steps would have to be taken to free up space on your phone. This can be done by moving old pictures, videos, and files to a cloud device or home computer. If you are shopping for a new phone you will want to look for what’s called an SD slot. These are normally located on the top, side, or under the battery cover of the phone. Ask an associate at the store you are at and they will be able to tell you if the phone has expandable memory capabilities.

No matter what you decide on replacing or repairing it’s always best to consider all your options first to help make the best informed decision.  We are well equipped and experienced in all of the areas that are mentioned in this article, and we would love to work with you to make your cell phone experience a better one! We are always here to answer any questions that you might have about using or even disposing of a cell phone as well as before you shop for a new one. Give us a call anytime and let us be a part of a happy cell phone experience!

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