Recovering Lost Information

If you’re one of the fortunate ones that has backed up your data, recovering it usually takes only as long as copying the files over.  If you don’t have any backups, fear not! In most cases, you can still regain your lost files. First we’ll go over how recovery works and then a couple of steps you can take if you have recently lost data.

Most data recovery can be done with one of two methods. The first method is using a computer to transfer the data you want to back up to a compatible storage device and then copying the files from there onto your new device.  If you’ve found yourself accidentally deleting a file or losing it after a power outage, the best option is typically running an application that can search for deleted and corrupted files, restoring them either completely or partially depending on how damaged they are.  Apart from those options, there are mechanical fixes that can be done to drives that are physically damaged.

The first step to ensuring that the data is not lost for good is turning your computer off completely. Make sure to save any important information and perform a shutdown immediately. The longer a computer is online after data loss, the more files it uses and creates which can overwrite your lost data and make the original data much more difficult to find.

The next step is to ask for help from a data recovery team. Here at Wilson Computer, we offer data recovery for both residential and business customers. If we are unable to access the data for any reason, we have a team of specialists ready to utilize their industry-specific tools for recovering your lost files, even if the disk is clicking or making any other mechanical sounds!

All kinds of devices are vulnerable to data loss, including your phones and tablets.  Our tools are capable of pulling data from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and most other phones and mobile devices as well.  The principles and processes of recovering data from mobile devices are essentially the same, including backups, so you can usually expect the same amount of time to recover your data. ALL devices should be backed up, even phones, especially since not many of us still carry around address books with all of our contacts anymore!

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