5 Safe Online Shopping Tips For this Holiday Season

Another holiday season is upon us, and that means many of us will be making purchases online to avoid large crowds and busy mall traffic. Here are some important online shopping safety tips to keep in mind.

1.Watch out for strange confirmation emails

 Beware clicking on links you receive from unfamiliar websites. It could be a “phishing” scheme, where shoppers who click through are led to a false site developed to steal their data. If the deal is too good to pass up, enter the website name by hand into your browser.

2.Be sure you’re shopping securely online.

When you visit a website, there are two main protocols via which data transfer takes place – HTTP and HTTPS. That one little “S” makes all the difference. In this case it stands for ‘Secure.’ If a URL starts with HTTPS, your connection to that website is securely encrypted. It means that sensitive information such as your ID, password, credit card details, etc. will be encrypted and any malicious 3rd party cannot intercept it or tamper with it.

3. Say ‘No’ to Public Wi-Fi

Here’s the thing about the public Wi-Fi networks – they’re NOT SECURE! As much as we love public Wi-Fi, we should keep its use limited to text messages. When it comes to sending your sensitive information to a website/app, public Wi-Fi networks are good for nothing. It took just 10 minutes for a 7-year-old kid to hack into a public Wi-Fi. Yes, a seven-year-old kid!

4.Use Apps Downloaded from Trusted Sources

Hello Android users. As we all know, it’s much easier to install unauthorized, 3rd party applications on Android than on other platforms. This can be a boon as well as bane because it gives an opportunity to hackers to infuse malware in apps and steal users’ data.

So, always insist on using official apps downloaded from authorized platforms

5. Think Before You Click and Read Before You Think

Spear-phishing has become the go-to technique of cyber criminals to trick users into clicking on a particular link or visiting a specific webpage. They do this by circulating spoofy e-mails to thousands of users simultaneously. You might believe that the e-mail has been sent from the party it says from. However, that may not always be the case. As a rule of thumb, check the e-mail address of the sender before you click on it or download anything. Also, don’t forget to check what’s written in there. Quite often, they comprise of some really silly grammatical errors.

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Best Tech Gifts Under $50

There are a lot of tech accessories out there. Some enhance the functionality of your current hardware, while others just complement it.
It’s great that there are so many options out there, but that can also make picking the right gift more difficult.
This list is chock full of the best accessories in a wide group of categories, and each one is $50 or less according to.

1.Fire HD 10 Tablet $49.99 – Amazon

There’s no better tablet under $50 than Amazon’s Fire Tablet. It was recently updated with a more durable outer case, more memory, and better battery life. The display is great for casually watching Netflix, browsing the web, or updating your social media accounts.

2.Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote $39.99 – Amazon

FoImage result for fire stickr under $50, your media streaming options are limited, but we recommend Amazon’s Fire Stick. It was updated last year to include the Alexa remote, so the person you get this for can start their smart home and binge on the latest Netflix original and control some smart-home accessories.

3.Tile Mate $24.99 – Amazon

Everyone has that one person in their life who can’t help Image result for tile matebut lose things every once in a while. The Tile Mate will help them locate their belongings through an app on their phone, complete with a map that has its last known location.

Image result for echo dot 49.994. Echo Dot $49.99 – Amazon

If you know someone who’s planning on starting a smart home in 2018, the Echo Dot is a great way to help start it. The Dot is small, but it can control tons of smart home accessories and answer questions using Amazon’s Alexa assistant. It can also connect to an external speaker.

5. Google Home Mini $29.00 – Walmart

If the person you’re buying for would prefer to Image result for google home minihave their questions answered and smart home accessories controlled by a Google speaker instead of an Amazon one, the Google Home Mini is the best choice.

Image result for anker external battery pack amazon6. External Battery Pack $25.99 – Amazon

Everyone knows the anxiety of watching your phone’s battery drain more quickly than you expected it to. Save your family member that frustration by buying them an external battery pack. Anker’s is compact enough to fit in a small bag or pocket, and can fully recharge most phones once.

7. Wireless Charging Pad $9.99 – $39.99Image result for ravpower wireless charging pad

There are many wireless charging pads available, but RAVPower’s was one of the few to make the cut for our official guide. You can read all the details there, but if you’re looking for a wireless charging pad that can top up your phone fast, this is our top choice.

8. Braven Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker $41.99 – Amazon

Related imageBraven’s 105 speaker is compact, waterproof, and comes with a belt system to attach it to just about anything. It made our Bluetooth speaker guide, and if someone in your life loves listening to music while being active, it’s my top pick.

Problems With Your Business Phones?

Investing in a software-based IP PBX makes a lot of sense, not only for new companies buying a phone system, but also for companies wanting to upgrade. An IP PBX delivers such significant savings in management, maintenance, and call costs, that upgrading to an IP PBX, should be the obvious choice for any company.
While we believe that it’s a necessity to upgrade to 3CX, we have listed five of the top reasons you should explore upgrading:

The 3CX Web Client

3CX sports a web client with a modern user interface and integrated features. The new web client is optimized for Chrome and the Click2Call Chrome extension allows easy one-click dialing.  No additional plugins are needed, and now you can use your CRM system or Office 365 with Click2Call.  This new web client is also optimized for Firefox.

Inbuilt Bulletproof Security

It takes inbuilt security to a whole new level.  This version has a more secure web server configuration, as well as A+ rating from the SSL lab.  You will also benefit from automatic generation & management of SSL certs, as well as different types of traffic encryption.  The latest 3CX update also will detect and auto-blacklist SIP attack tools.

Contact us for more information.

Smartphone Clients

One of the best things about 3CX is how it promotes mobility.  3CX has updated the smartphone clients with new features, such as being able to answer calls from a phone’s lock screen.  Also, do you have remote workers that utilize 3CX?  3CX smartphone clients can now be controlled remotely, which is great for those that work from home.

Easy Customization with Applications

3CX has expanded its integrations and now 3cxsupports more applications right out of the box. Users can get even more out of their 3CX experience by adding the apps they need, like Office365 and Salesforce. The scriptable interface also makes it easy to integrate with CRM, contract center, and outbound call center solutions.

Contact Us.


Integrated Web Conferencing

In addition to everything else, the new web client integrates video conferencing.  It is easy for users to initiate a web conference, directly from the client.  There is no need for additional clients or plugins, which makes this process seamless and efficient. In addition, it provides this web conferencing feature free of charge for up to 100 participants.  This makes 3CX the first PBX vendor to include a free web conferencing feature.

For more information or to request a free quote contact us or email sales@wilsoncomputer.com


Get A Free 15-Min Website Consulting Session!


Are you interested in setting up an online presence for your business or trade, but just do not know how to get started? Come visit our Alabaster office and our Web Department can answer any questions you may have. During the months of November and December, we will be offering free 15-minute consultations to help determine the ways a website can help your trade or craft. Even if you have an existing website, we can offer suggestions to help improve upon it and drive traffic to your site.

Our Web Department has worked on projects ranging from small business starter sites to large, corporate sites with e-commerce functionality. We pride ourselves on having the ability to create interesting, exciting and purposeful websites suited to your specific needs.

Why is E-Commerce Important?


Are you an artist or an artisan? Have you always wanted to sell your creations online? No worries! E-commerce makes this idea a possibility. With E-Commerce, an online website is used to catalog, showcase, and sell your products. From electronic parts to hand-painted crafts, we here at Wilson Computer use modern E-commerce software to assist you with setting up your E-commerce shop and understanding its potential!

E-commerce has many benefits and is easy to use. It gives you the luxury of managing your inventory, sales, and invoices with the push of a button. With the increased market exposure that e-commerce provides, you can attract people from all over the world to your online shop!

E-Commerce is important for many different reasons. If you’re selling a product, it’s important to have a marketable and good-looking website. It’s equally important to offer your user-base the luxury of purchasing your products from the comfort of their own home. Having an E-commerce site makes all of these things a possibility.

Wilson Computer Support hosts and develops many E-Commerce websites. View some of the e-commerce sites we have developed here:




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What is Big Data?

Big Data is defined as “extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behavior and interactions”. This term has been used since the early 2000’s, although this is new to a lot of people. Big Data can be broken down into “3 V’s“:

Volume – Organizations collect data from a variety of sources, including business transactions, social media and information from sensor or machine-to-machine data. In the past, storing it would’ve been a problem, but new technologies have eased the burden.

Velocity – Data streams in at an unprecedented speed and must be dealt with in a timely manner. RFID tags, sensors and smart metering are driving the need to deal with torrents of data in near-real time.

Variety – Data comes in all types of formats – from structured, numeric data in traditional databases to unstructured text documents, email, video, audio, stock ticker data and financial transactions.

How This Benefits Your Business.

Big Data can be used for predictive analysis, which is making predictions about unknown future events. One example of how Big Data is put to use in the world of Web Development, is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Part of SEO is analyzing data about your website, in hopes you could drive internet traffic up. Analyzing the Amount of data (Volume), at what times (Velocity), and where it comes from (Variety) could be compared, analyzed, and yield in insights into your online business.

Did you know that Wilson Computer Support can help with SEO? Find Out more about our services here:


Virtual Reality in Football?


Technology plays a bigger role in football than anyone can imagine.  From Pylon cameras to 50 yard television screens, technology has become an essential tool for the success of us enjoying the game.  It has come a long way since the first time that football was introduced on television and it will only get better!

We watch football primarily for our favorite team to come away with the win.  Whether your team is college or pro, Alabama or Auburn (or Florida State, Go ‘Noles), our teams have to practice and attempt to find new and innovative ways to get a jump on the competition.  One of these “jumps” include…wait for it…VIRTUAL REALITY!!!  How awesome is that?!

STriVR founder and CEO Derek Belch has created a system that allows its users to experience a virtual setting that gives them a real life scenario of actually being in the football field.  It allows them to emulate plays and situations as if they were actually at practice.  This technology gives the players and the coaches an opportunity to run in-game scenarios without the risk of their players getting hurt.

Another start-up company by the name of EON uses a similar technology, however, they use more of a video game setting, which allows their program to be more interactive.  Now, this is not to be confused with the popular EA Sports game Madden, but it is a version of a video game that is specific to the team that uses it.  For those of us that have ever played Madden and feel as if we can go out and play a real game afterwards, I’m sure we know how beneficial EON’s system can truly be!

For all of us who love football and technology, these new inventions are something that we should be excited about.  Technology is always improving and changing, finding ways to make life easier or more entertaining, but it’s also designed for improving the safety and well-being of its user.  Originality and ingenuity, paired with technology, can yield unimaginable results just like the examples above.  Who knows what the future will hold?


Learn more about Virtual Reality in Football by clicking here.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT), is a new term that is being used by various technological industries. IoT is essentially a network of physical devices, with embedded electronics, software sensors, and network connectivity that enables these devices to share data throughout the Internet. For example, think of how a smartphone can connect you with people from all over the world by utilizing the Internet. Phones were one of the first “things” to get embedded with internet connectivity, now IoT is looking at building this connectivity into other physical devices.

Here are some industries that are expected to benefit from the upcoming IoT market:


Retail                                                                                                               iot

City Utilities





Energy/Power Companies

If the IoT market takes off, which it very well is expected to, you may one day own a “smart washing-machine”. Your washing machine could be programed to know when you are running low on detergent based upon the frequency of your wash cycles, and can connect to Amazon to order more detergent. This is just one example of the various uses of IoT.

The farming industry could benefit from networked temperature monitors, to oversee the temperature that certain plants need to grow. A thermostat could be wired with network connectivity so that the user could get real-time temperature updates via text message or e-mail. Sensors could also monitor the overall health of the plant. This could save money by being able to prevent a potential loss in crops. The new market of IoT could be very constructive for companies looking for accurate reporting of energy consumption. By utilizing sensors on energy consuming devices, companies will have real-time data as to what usage of energy is taken up by the devices they utilize.

Not only is this useful for industrial and economic reasons, it can also be used for entertainment. The Amazon Echo is a voice-enabled wireless speaker system developed by Amazon. The device can do all things a smart phone can do, but it comes in the form of a cylindrical speaker system. The Amazon Echo sits on a surface of your home and can be moved from room to room. A user can simply talk to the device, and it will be prompted by your voice. The device is connected via Wi-Fi, and can give you real time information such as traffic reports, weather, find and play a specific song requested, or make a purchase for you online.

The Internet of Things is expected to take off in the next 2 years. We will be entering a whole new way in which we interact with and share data across the Internet. The physical world will become more directly connected to the Internet, thus improving accuracy in business, economic efficiency, and ease of business.

Interested in learning more? Check out the wiki on Internet of Things. 


Should My Data Be Encrypted?

computer-1294045_1280Encryption is a vital part of cyber security and is probably the most used counter-measure to prevent sensitive data from being compromised. It is used by just about everyone who uses a computer, whether they know it or not. Here is a brief but detailed description of encryption and decryption along with several examples of different kinds of encryption/decryption.



Encryption is the process of making data either inaccessible or unusable to those town-sign-822236_1280who are not authorized to view it. To simplify encryption let’s think of cyber security as the overall security system for your house and your computer or server being the house, then encryption would basically be the safe you keep all of your sensitive documents in. Its job is not so much to keep people from getting in your house but to keep them even if they get in from getting anything important. Even if someone gets your documents, without the key it is essentially useless to them.    

Decryption is basically the process of taking data that has been made inaccessible or unusable by the process of encryption and then returning them to their original state. To simplify explaining decryption let’s think of it as basically you or whoever happens to have the key to your safe opening it and taking all of the sensitive documents out. The reason there are so many different kinds of encryption/decryption is because it is possible for illegitimate users to gain access to the sensitive data by finding your key or replicating it.


One of the specific types of encryption mentioned above is known as public key encryption, it essentially uses two different keys one for encrypting and another one key-96233_1280for decrypting.  The first key or the public key is available to anyone and is used for encrypting something for a specific person such as when you are encrypting something for them you would use their public key to do so. The second key or the private key is a private or secret key and only it can be used to decrypt whatever it is you encrypted for them. The keys work with each other this way because they are mathematically related and only work with each other. It is one of the more widely used forms of encryption as it is fairly simple but still has a very high level of security, because it is virtually impossible to figure out someone’s private key just by knowing their public key.


One of the best things about encryption is that it is constantly improving and growing to keep up with technology, but the problem is that as fast as we improve our encryption the people trying to get past it are improving just as quickly if not more so. So unfortunately, it is a constant struggle to stay on top of it and prevent sensitive data from being released, but it is a necessary oneprivacy-policy-510731_1280


Encryption is a very important part of maintaining not just our privacy but also our security. It allows us to use sensitive data freely over the internet without having to worry about somebody stealing it, but nothing is absolute and we must keep pushing it forward so that our data can be secure and stay that way.

Why Secure Passwords are Important

password-64047_1280 (1)Passwords are quite the interesting topic as some people just see them as annoyance and hard to keep up with, but in reality, they are a fundamental part of what keeps your accounts and your data in general safe. Passwords are used for a lot of things and are usually tied either to a unique username or a unique email address. The biggest concern a lot of people have is that their password will either be too easily figured out or will be too hard for them to remember, but it’s actually quite easy to find the level of complexity they are looking for while still making it somewhat easy to remember.


The biggest thing you want to focus on when coming up with a new password is the
overall level of security. The first thing you want to think about is the length and you will probably want to go for a password that is at least 8 characters or more in length.  This will make it harder for anyone to just guess out right and will allow you to create more memorable passwords. The next thing you will want to think about is the complexity of the password.  You will probably want to have at least 1 number and 1 symbol. This will make your password much more complex and will prevent the majority of brute force attempts, which is when someone runs a program to iterate through all possible combinations to try and generate the correct password. Thus adding these extra characters will make it take much longer to iterate through it all.  Try this link to help you manage your passwords!


Next, you will want to consider how well you will be able to remember this password because forgetting happens quite a bit. It is recommended that you don’t do anything too obvious because even if it is easy to remember it is also vulnerable. Having a certain phrase or using repetition can usually help with remembering passwords, but when I say repetition I don’t mean re-using passwords I’m referring to something like 9988 or something like that in which a certain element is repeating. This will generally make your passwords easier to remember but without making them too easy.


Finally, if you find that you are having trouble remembering passwords or coming up with your own unique password, the majority of browsers have built-in tools that will not only remember passwords and type them in for you, but will also auto-generate passwords for you if you choose to do so. The majority of the time these systems are very well encrypted and have very little security risk, but just like anything else out there they are not unbreakable.  That being said, it is always recommended to find a method to keep up with your password.  (Click on the link to go directly to a password generator.)

To conclude, passwords are an important part of maintaining control of your accounts as well any information connected to them. Make sure you make all of your passwords as secure and memorable as possible, and make use of the built-in tools where you feel it is necessary.


Things to Know Before Upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system, and it brings a lot of new features with it while also removing or replacing a few. Probably one of the biggest things it did was bringing back the fan favorite start menu that had been replaced by live tiles in Windows 8. Given the amount of changes Windows 10 brings it can be hard to find them all and even harder to adjust to them. So here is what you need to know before you upgrade as well a brief description of a few of the changes brought by Windows 10 as well as how it compares to both Windows 7 and Windows 8.

New Features

Many of the new features Windows 10 added in brought the best parts of Windows 7 & 8 and pushed the two together, such as the new start menu which works very much like the old one with a few new tricks like having live tiles being built into it. Windows 10 also comes with a new browser called Microsoft Edge which is meant to replace internet explorer, as well as a new pre-installed windows store that can be used to download apps, games, and a variety of other types of media. Another new feature that Windows 10 brings to us is Cortana and she is basically a virtual personal assistant who can do a good bit of stuff from setting up reminders, sending emails, and various other things that could prove tedious otherwise. Cortana can also accomplish a few of your other basic needs such as searching the web and giving you information when you need it.

Windows 7

Windows 7 is still in most cases the most used operating system in the world of business as many people did not respond well to 8, they don’t want to use up the time and resources to upgrade, or have some kind of software they need windows 7 to run. Overall windows 10 and 7 are not really that different from each other, they have the same basic structure with a few changes to the layout here and there. Windows 7 had a much simpler start menu and allowed people search for any file or program they are looking for and then presented the results to them in a simple way. Windows 10 on the other hand took out certain things that could be searched for in Windows 7 such as command prompt which is still in Windows 10 but is now accessed by pressing “The Windows Key + X” which brings up a menu with command prompt and other administrative tools on it. Windows 10 can do basically everything that Windows 7 could but also offers a little bit more customization such as the live tiles in the start menu which can be changed to whatever you want.

Windows 8

Windows 8 has gotten asomewhat bad reputation since its release as it was a very drastic shift from what many people were used to and expected. One of the biggest complaints was the removal of the start menu which was replaced with a live tiles screen that could be changed and made into basically whatever the user wanted but many users found this change to be confusing and overall made navigating their system a lot harder. The start menu issue was somewhat remedied with the Windows 8.1 update from Microsoft which added the start button back and allowed users to boot straight to their desktop rather than the live tiles screen. Many businesses did not upgrade to Windows 8 when it came out due to the bugs and various complaints that people had about it and the sheer amount of change it brought would be a disaster for many workplaces as they would have to teach their workers how to use Windows 8. Overall Windows 10 seems to be doing better than Windows 8 did and seems to have fixed many of the things people disliked about Windows 8 and has taken the best parts of it and made a pretty decent operating system.


Windows 10 is definitely not perfect but overall it offers a good deal of new features and options for the user to customize their computer with, as well as some overall performance and security improvements. Windows 10 is by no means perfect but overall it captures what a lot of users liked about Windows 7 & 8 and then adds in some new features.

Computer Moving Slow

Slow computer? Are you tired of your cursor turning into the spinning blue circle that never stops? Does your computer take minutes on end to open basic files and programs? Though the most effective way to revive an old and slow PC is to upgrade the hardware, there are plenty of other option that can breathe life and speed back into an old workstation. Here are some free, do-it-yourself ways to kick-start your computer, right now!

Boot Up Program Reduction

If your PC is taking too long to boot up, the culprit may lie in the number of programs that your machine is trying to open when it restarts. What does that mean? As you add applications and software over the life of your computer, some of the programs automatically configure themselves to open when Windows starts, slowing down the boot-speed significantly. To fix this problem, we need to remove unnecessary programs so that your PC can focus on opening only what it needs as it turns on. Here’s how: First, on your keyboard, press the Windows Key and “R” at the same time. This will open a text box, called a “run window,” in which you should type “msconfig.” Press enter, and a System Configuration window will open. We want to focus on Startup, so click on that tab at the top of the window. If you are running Windows 7, you will see the list of Startup Applications on this tab, if you’re using Windows 8 or 10, click the “Open in Task Manager” link on the tab to see the same information. We are looking for items that are not necessary to start up right away, and we are going to disable these items from starting up by selecting an application from the list and clicking “disable.”  This list can be long, but be cautious about what you disable — look for add-on applications such as a Google toolbar, iTunes, Quicktime, and Adobe. Do not disable critical applications, such as your antivirus, Microsoft programs, or anything having to do with your PC’s hardware. If you are unsure of what is and is not safe to disable, give our PC experts a call and let us help! Once you complete this process, you should note a marked decrease in the amount of time between when you turn your PC on, and when you can begin using your programs. This process has the added benefit of cutting down the total number of programs running on your workstation at a given time. Fewer processes equals more system resources, and more system resources equals greater system speed and efficiency.

Checking for Viruses

Another way to greatly improve your computer’s speed is to rid your system of any malware and/or viruses. Obviously, you do not want malicious software on your PC, so taking a little time every week to manually scan for these items can not only maintain your computer’s safety, but also greatly improve performance. My personal choice for removing these harmful programs and files is a program called Malwarebytes. This program is free for personal use. There is a Pro version that enables real-time scanning, which is helpful, but for our purposes, the free version works extremely well and is also very easy to use. Simply go to Malwarebytes.org, click on Download in the middle of the page, and then click Download Free Version. After it has finished downloading, install and open the program (take advantage of the Pro version 7-day free trial if you would like), then click Scan. If you are not comfortable downloading and installing programs, or if a virus or malware is your main problem, don’t worry! Just give our professional and trusted PC technicians a call, and we will handle the system cleaning process for you. Once it has finished scanning your system, it will show any threats that it may have found, and will automatically quarantine/delete these items after clicking remove. This program is very thorough, and can really make a huge difference with how healthy, smoothly, and quickly your computer runs.

Getting Rid of Old Files

Lastly, consider the number of old files, programs and documents that probably are still sitting around on your PC. Years of accumulation impacts speed, so consider going through and removing things you no longer need or use. The less “clutter” your hard drive has to sift through, the more efficient it will be. A good location to start looking for unused files would be in your Downloads folder, since it is the default location for your browser to download files into. Open the downloads folder, and carefully sift through it. Delete old documents (our techs can back them up for you first, if you’re unsure if you’re ready to lose it forever), pictures, videos, etc. Next, you’ll need to uninstall programs that you don’t use any longer.  To do this, go to your Control Panel, click on “Programs and Features,” then select and uninstall what you don’t need. Lastly, but the step that will have the most impact, is to cleanup your hard drive’s temporary files. These will take up the most amount of space, without you even knowing they are there. The easiest way to clean these up is with a program called CCleaner by a company called Piriform. As with Malwarebytes, this program has a free version for personal use, which is more than enough for what we need it for. First go to Piriform.com, click on Free Download, and download the free version. Pay attention during the installation as to not “agree” to any other “offers.” Once it has finished installing, chose Run Cleaner in the Cleaner tab on the left. Be sure to double check what you have selected to be “cleaned” – consider telling it not to clean up anything with your passwords, etc. in it. Removing all of these files and programs from your computer will help your PC’s hard drive run much more efficiently and quickly, meaning a faster system for you!

Even completing one of these procedures will be sure to speed up your computer, but, if you accomplished all three, your Windows experience will no longer be filled with frustrating, long wait-times instead you will see fast running programs, smooth file navigation, and quickly found cat videos. Whether you do decide to upgrade the hardware on your computer, or if you need any help with the processes detailed above, our technicians at Wilson Computer are here to help. On the phone, in store, or at your home or office, helping you with your devices is what we do!

How To Find Emails That Were Falsely Marked As Spam


Don’t you hate when emails are accidentally marked as spam? I know that I do and finding them in gmail can be easy but what about when your emails are hosted with us at Wilson Computer Support?

Here is a simple guide to help you find emails that were falsely marked as spam.

  1. Visit http://spam.wilsoncomputer.com. There you will find a login page like the picture below.
    Step1 - Copy
  2. Login using your full email address for your “Username” and the password for your email account. If you do not know your email password, please contact us and we can assist you with that.
  3. Once you are logged in, find the “View/Release Stored Spam” at the bottom of the page. If you do not see this button, then you do not have any spam email available for release.Step2 - Copy
  4. Select any email you would like to release from spam, select it’s check box, and click “Release Message”. The selected emails will now be delivered as requested, so they will appear in your normal inbox for review.Step3 - Copy

Computer Support FAQs

As a computer support business we get a fair amount of questions about computers and their parts and we are happy to answer these questions for our clients.  The following list of questions is what we are asked most frequently and a simple yet detailed answer to each of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size hard drive do I need?

A:  The answer to this question depends on what you are going to be using the computer for. For instance, if you are going to be using your computer for just basic documents and minimal applications then you would only need about 250 GB hard drive. If you plan on doing something that involves a lot of applications or are planning to keep a good amount of pictures and documents on your computer, then I would recommend somewhere between 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive. There are hard drives larger than this, but anything larger than a 1TB drive is usually not needed.


Q: Can a failing hard drive be fixed?

A: No, a failing hard drive would have to be replaced. If it is a solid state drive then it is either working or failed, but if it is a hard disk drive then it could be failing for years without any indication. If you ever find that your hard drive is failing it is recommended that you either replace the hard drive or at very least backup your data in case it does fail.


Q: Can you fix my broken screen?

A: We can go a step further and replace your screen altogether. Almost 100% of the time, screens can’t actually be repaired. The method for screen replacement differs depending on the device.

Mobile: If your screen is broken or damaged on a mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.) then the screen is made up of two layers that may need to be replaced. The first layer is the digitizer which is the part of the screen that is touch-sensitive and allows users to interact with the screen of their device. The second layer of the screen is the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and it is what actually displays the content of your device such as apps, pictures, etc. Neither of these layers works well without the other as without a digitizer you couldn’t do much with your device, and without an LCD nothing would be displaying for you to touch.

Laptop: If your screen is broken or damaged on a laptop your only course of action would be to replace the screen entirely. In almost all damaged laptop screen cases, the only option is to replace the entire screen structure.

Desktop: This one would depend on whether the damage to the monitor is just superficial or if it is actually causing display problems. Superficial damage such as scratches, fingerprints, etc. cannot really be fixed and shouldn’t be worried about unless it’s bothersome. If there is damage causing display problems, the monitor itself should be replaced.


Q: Why won’t my computer turn on?

A: This problem can be an indication of one of three things. It’s either going to be an issue with the charger, the battery, or the motherboard. If the issue is with the charger or the battery those are both fairly easily replaced, but if it’s the motherboard it was probably due to a short circuit of some kind. While it is possible to replace the motherboard there is a good chance that the new motherboard won’t work properly and will cause issues once it is installed. Most of the time it is recommended that you get a new computer rather than try to replace the motherboard.


Q: Why is my computer getting so hot?

A: This issue is likely overheating, which is probably being caused by one of two things or some combination of these two things. First, it could be caused by your heat sink, which is used to take in and absorb heat from your processor and the rest of the computer Secondly, it could be caused by your system fan which works in conjunction with your heat sink to disperse hot air in your computer and push it outwards. If either one or both of these things are not working properly, your computer is likely to heat up and once it gets hot enough it will stop functioning properly.


Using WordPress

Do you have a website? Would you like to have some control over the way it looks? Would you like to be able to make changes to your site without having to be a full on web developer? While the best way to make a website is still through the use of HTML and CSS alongside other languages, with WordPress you don’t have to know anything about them to create your site. You can simply add what you want and WordPress will take care of the rest. Here is a brief explanation of how WordPress works and a few ways you can personalize your site to make it your own.

Pages & Posts

Let’s start with pages; these are going to be the backbone of your site and will be what you spend the majority of your time adding to or editing. Pages can be edited two ways: through the use of the visual editor which will show you roughly what your page will look like before you post it, or with the text editor which can be used to build your pages in HTML. The visual editor will be your best friend if you have no prior experience with HTML as it offers you several different ways to improve your pages from being just plain text and images.  Once you have finished adding to or editing your page you can then publish your page so that it can be accessed on your site.

Posts, while being quite similar on the surface, are very different from pages. Posts are used for quick updates or blogging whereas pages are what the majority of people that visit your site will look at. Examples of posts would be something like this article or a blog about some awesome pictures a photographer took of a waterfall. Posts aren’t really necessary for the majority of sites unless you would like to keep your users updated about what is going on or something along those lines.


Next, let’s talk about themes as they are what will determine how your site will look. Themes control every aspect of your website’s formatting including things like color scheme, text display, and how images or videos will display. Themes can be edited in two ways; the first way being the more simple way. The theme customization menu which is made of several subsections such as menu, widgets, and header and will allow you to edit these different parts. You can also use the theme editor which will allow you to change the CSS or PHP files that make up the theme of your site. These two methods do basically the same thing but the editor can be quite confusing as the CSS and PHP files for most themes can be large and this makes it hard to find things. I recommend using the menu unless you know what you are looking for or you have knowledge of CSS and PHP.

Plugins & Compatibility

Finally, let’s go over plugins as they are probably some of the best tools when it comes to website creation. They allow you to add things such as a nice video player or an image slider to your site without having to actually write out the code for these things. WordPress has a large library of plugins for you to choose from as well as a pretty large community of developers who are constantly making and updating plugins for you to use. Within reason, there is a good chance that if you want something added to your site there is a plugin that can do it. While plugins are a great tool and can add a lot of uniqueness to a site they can also bring a lot of problems. If they are either not made to be used with a specific theme or are simply not compatible with the themes you use, you should consider another option. These issues will often times be fixed by updates to the plugins or theme itself. If you are having issues and aren’t sure the themes or plugins you are using will be updated, you can leave a review on the plugin or theme to see if that will get the developers attention. Sometimes, if they have contact info listed, you can try emailing the developer directly. You could also simply find a new plugin or theme that is similar but is actually compatible.

To conclude, WordPress is a simple, easy to use tool for developing websites and blogging and can be used by people of all skill levels. While it would probably work better in the hands of a master web developer it was made with normal users in mind and as such requires very little technical skill to use. If you have any questions that weren’t answered I recommend you look through WordPress’ codex in which they define terms and give details on many different features that will help you improve your site.


2016 Business of the Year

Our Office Manager, Denise Grissom and our Business Development Manager, Wendy McDaniel, receiving the award


Wilson Computer Support was nominated and then chosen for the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Business of the Year award on many grounds. With small businesses, response to adversity is paramount. Being able to adapt and grow in a challenging and changing economy is what separates the successful from the rest. Wilson Computer Support showed their ability to assess, readjust, and then adapt to the changing needs of their customers while growing their business in a fiscally difficult period.

with Lynn Ray, Chair of the Small Business Work Group (left) and Wendy McDaniel (center)

Focusing on giving back to the community and supporting other local businesses is important when determining a candidate for this award. Wilson Computer Support has made charitable contributions on many occasions as well as being involved with community projects. From discounting non-profit organizations to leading discussion panels at Hoover High School, Wilson Computer Support does all it can to give back and interact with their neighbors and friends.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their outstanding support and business that makes Wilson Computer Support what it is today! Last month, we were honored with the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce’s 2016 Small Business of the Year Award. We have always loved being part of the community and giving back to our customers. With this award, we will gain visibility which will give us a great opportunity to become even more involved in our hometown!

View photos from the Event!

Wendy McDaniel and Denise Grissom speaking with a Regions representative

People enjoying the 2016 4th Annual Small Business of the Year Awards’ Luncheon

John Kessler (center), CEO of Community Response Systems, a client of Wilson Computer Support, with Damita White Hill (left) and Keith Brown (right).

People enjoying the luncheon event. Click to learn more about the Greater Shelby County Chamber of Commerce





How to Protect Against Malware

Here at Wilson Computer Support we see it all the time; a computer has been infected and rendered a large and expensive paperweight. Malware is a clear threat to all users and their computers, phones, and other devices that utilize software to function. It comes in various forms including viruses, worms, spyware, adware, trojans and more. In order to more effectively protect against and identify these threats, it is necessary to understand what they are and how they operate.

Malware is a shorthand term for malicious software. This could be any software program that is created with ill intent. Programs that are sent via e-mail as attachments like “.exe” or “.pdf” files are often some kind of spyware or adware. Trojans, for instance, will mask themselves in legitimate looking websites while transmitting spyware onto your computer. This is a scam we have seen often: a user will navigate the web and a pop-up will appear telling them that urgent action is needed or they will lose data, become infected, etc. the page will urge them to download some software or call some number and once this happens and access has been granted, the system will be held hostage until the user has paid a ransom, often upwards of $500 or more.

Paying a ransom could get the data back and usage of your system returned but, it is important to keep in mind the type of element you are dealing with. This kind of attack is run by criminals. There is never any guarantee that once your money is in the hands of these thieves that they will follow through and release your data back to you. In fact, once you give them credit card information, they can use it for anything. Recognizing that Microsoft, a computer service, or any legitimate company will never try to contact you, through e-mail, or by phone, and ask for passwords or credit card info, is the first step in preventing the loss of your data, time, and money.

Another avenue of attack for many virus makers involves computers that have not been updated. Ensuring that you are using the most up-to-date operating system and have automatic updates enabled will go a long way to plugging the metaphorical security holes in your computing ship. The vast majority of Windows updates are security related and often contain patches that prevent older malicious code from running or achieving any of its programmed objectives. One of the main questions we receive at Wilson Computer Support regards the need to update to Windows 10. We understand that there are growing pains associated with every Windows release however, it is well worth the slight changes in Windows in order to have a little more peace of mind knowing that you will receive the newest security updates automatically.

Knowing how Malware can infect your computer is only part of the battle. It is important to understand that there will always be shady individuals creating malicious software that targets user’s sensitive information for monetary gain. You can rest assured that if, despite your most vigilant and best efforts, malware takes hold of your system, we will be ready to remove, repair, and clean your device of every trace of infection.

How to Combat Computer Infection

We get questions all the time about computer infections. “How can I tell if my computer is virusinfected?” “What is my next step if I know my computer is infected?” Here at Wilson Computer Support, we love these questions as it is a chance to teach our customers how to handle infections and how to protect themselves in the future. The following scenarios are examples to watch out for when suspecting a virus or infection. These examples cover slow boot up times, unwanted pop-ups, programs starting or stopping without command, or no symptoms at all.

Is your computer taking an unusual amount of time to boot up?

A common symptom among infected computers is slow boot up times. A computer should start up and show the log in screen in around 30 to 60 seconds. There are exceptions to this such as large programs starting up upon boot up, or old hardware. Generally, it’s a safe to say that if you notice a large difference in the time it takes to boot up as opposed to the normal time, an infection may be causing this issue.

Are you seeing multiple advertisements or random pop-up messages while browsing the web or opening programs?

This is probably the most annoying of the symptoms as it can be distracting and hard to get rid of while trying to work. These type of ads like to offer “help” cleaning your system or will plant themselves on top of whatever window you are working in. These annoying pop-ups are a clear indication of infection. They can get into your computer through a legitimate program or a hidden attachment.

Does your computer “freeze” or just stop working?

Infections that are designed for computers like to cause as many problems as they can. These problems can range from a frozen browser, to programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat shutting down and displaying an error of “this program has unexpectedly stopped working”. If this is happening, it’s likely that your computer has become infected.

Does your computer show none of the above symptoms, but still seems a bit slow sometimes?

Some of the worst infections bury themselves so deeply into your computer that you don’t even know they’re there. The only indication to this specific infection is a slightly slower processing time or a slower internet connection. This infection could be using your computer to spread itself to others, or collecting information from your computer without telling you.

With technology being so integrated into our everyday lives, people have little time for infected or slow computers. The above examples are just a few things to be on the lookout for when considering the health of your computer and personal information. If you are seeing any of the scenarios play out and think that you may be infected, it’s a good idea to get a virus scan done on the computer. There are plenty of virus protection programs available, and it is advisable that you utilize one on your computer at all times. Our technicians here at Wilson Computer Support are well versed in these programs and can recommend one to you specific to your machine and usage needs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you fear that you are infected or curious about how to protect yourself from these pesky infections.

Cell Phones – Replace or Repair

With phones today becoming more and more expensive, repairs are becoming a more 0950f6c5-3510-4208-bebc-be02105b3cbbviable option over replacements. Most cell phones have readily available parts for the most common repairs. When looking at whether to repair or replace your cell phone you should take the following things into consideration:

How long have you had the phone?

Usually older phones have more parts available while newer phones have fewer. When a new phone comes out on the market the manufacturer usually has not had enough parts made for there to be enough reasonably priced parts out to repair the phone. If the parts are not readily available, that causes the repair to be more expensive. Inversely, an older phone will be cheaper to fix due to the large availability of parts.

Is your screen cracked?

Most people know someone that is walking around with a phone that has a cracked screen. In terms of cost, this is a relatively inexpensive fix. A new phone will end up costing you around $400-600 if you are not eligible for an upgrade. A new screen for your phone, depending on the model, usually costs around $100-150. Cracked screens and LCDs are a quick and easy fix. We almost always recommend this choice as opposed to replacing the whole phone.

Is the battery draining quickly?

Nothing is more frustrating than when you look down at your phone half way through the day and realize that it is almost out of power. There are two big things that cause this problem, and both are easily fixable on most cell phones! The lithium ion batteries that are in phones today start out promising a full day’s worth of battery life, but over time that battery life gets shorter and shorter. By the time most clients are eligible for an upgrade the battery only lasts a few hours, if not less. The second thing that causes phones to lose power quickly is a loose DC connection. People are always trying to get the most of their phones and have to keep them charging through parts of the day. This can pose a problem because depending on the angle of the cord and the integrity of the charger itself, this can cause your battery to drain quickly or not be able to complete a charge. That pressure and pulling over time will cause the dock connector or dc jack on your phone to wear out and become loose. The good news for both of these issues is that they are entirely fixable on most devices. A battery or a loose dc connection repair is around $80-100, depending on the model. Again, this repair is minuscule compared to the price of a new phone if you’re not eligible for an upgrade.

Can you currently use the phone you have?

A lot of people are not aware of everything that their phone is capable of. If you are discouraged because you feel that your phone is a little above your head, or you were promised great features that you can’t make use of, don’t worry! This would be the easiest fix out of all that are mentioned here. We specialize in in-office consultations where we can sit down with you and run through your phone’s features and make sure you understand how everything works. This also includes syncing multiple accounts (like your Apple ID), setting your phone to back up to a cloud device, and showing you how to maximize your productivity and battery life.

How much storage is left on your phone?

Storage is one of the most sought after commodities in a phone. Unfortunately, if your phone doesn’t have the option to expand the memory, other steps would have to be taken to free up space on your phone. This can be done by moving old pictures, videos, and files to a cloud device or home computer. If you are shopping for a new phone you will want to look for what’s called an SD slot. These are normally located on the top, side, or under the battery cover of the phone. Ask an associate at the store you are at and they will be able to tell you if the phone has expandable memory capabilities.

No matter what you decide on replacing or repairing it’s always best to consider all your options first to help make the best informed decision.  We are well equipped and experienced in all of the areas that are mentioned in this article, and we would love to work with you to make your cell phone experience a better one! We are always here to answer any questions that you might have about using or even disposing of a cell phone as well as before you shop for a new one. Give us a call anytime and let us be a part of a happy cell phone experience!

Recovering Lost Information

If you’re one of the fortunate ones that has backed up your data, recovering it usually takes only as long as copying the files over.  If you don’t have any backups, fear not! In most cases, you can still regain your lost files. First we’ll go over how recovery works and then a couple of steps you can take if you have recently lost data.

Most data recovery can be done with one of two methods. The first method is using a computer to transfer the data you want to back up to a compatible storage device and then copying the files from there onto your new device.  If you’ve found yourself accidentally deleting a file or losing it after a power outage, the best option is typically running an application that can search for deleted and corrupted files, restoring them either completely or partially depending on how damaged they are.  Apart from those options, there are mechanical fixes that can be done to drives that are physically damaged.

The first step to ensuring that the data is not lost for good is turning your computer off completely. Make sure to save any important information and perform a shutdown immediately. The longer a computer is online after data loss, the more files it uses and creates which can overwrite your lost data and make the original data much more difficult to find.

The next step is to ask for help from a data recovery team. Here at Wilson Computer, we offer data recovery for both residential and business customers. If we are unable to access the data for any reason, we have a team of specialists ready to utilize their industry-specific tools for recovering your lost files, even if the disk is clicking or making any other mechanical sounds!

All kinds of devices are vulnerable to data loss, including your phones and tablets.  Our tools are capable of pulling data from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and most other phones and mobile devices as well.  The principles and processes of recovering data from mobile devices are essentially the same, including backups, so you can usually expect the same amount of time to recover your data. ALL devices should be backed up, even phones, especially since not many of us still carry around address books with all of our contacts anymore!

Prevent DC Jack Breakage and Save Money

With an increasingly busy and fast paced lifestyle, many people have less time and 788bf37a-d46d-471c-b99a-ed6790f0e7dcmoney to devote to easily preventable problems. A broken DC jack, whether it be the one on your laptop, tablet or any other portable device, can be a pain to replace and leave us without a means to get work done or relieve stress. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid this costly problem. Before we explore the preventative measures we can take to ensure that DC jack breakage doesn’t ruin our day, let’s explore what a DC jack is and how it is designed.

A DC jack is the part of an electronic device that accepts a direct current that is then used to power and charge the device or its battery. Generally, it consists of an outer jacket that is connected to ground points and an inner tip that accepts a positive electrical current. These points are then soldered onto the main circuit board of the device. They allow the current to flow from the positive connection, through the device and then back to the ground connection, thereby completing the circuit and powering the device. When a jack breaks, the positive, ground, or both connections have detached from the main circuit board and are now preventing the completion of the circuit.

Do you have a DC Jack Issue? Wilson Computer Support can help!

There are several reasons a DC jack is susceptible to breakage. By design, a DC jack creates a lever when plugged in. Any slight force applied to the far end of the adapter plug is magnified inside the jack and can cause a break. Due to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) standards, the solder that attaches the jack to the circuit board is now made without lead. Lead made the connection that was formed more flexible whereas new lead-free solder is more brittle and easier to crack. This, coupled with the physical design of the jack, makes it incredibly easy to damage the connections inside the device.

Understanding how a DC jack is designed and what contributes to breakage can assist in creating habits that limit damage to the component. Removing the adapter plug gently can avert an accidental break. When resting a laptop on your thighs, avoid putting constant pressure on the adapter. Investing in a lap desk can not only limit this risk but also aid in cooling through proper airflow. These are only a few examples of many best practices when handling the components that power your livelihood and leisure.

What Is A Cloud And Why Do I Need It?

One of the most common questions we get in the residential department is what exactly is a cloud and what do you do with it. When ‘the cloud’ is mentioned, this is simply another way of saying that data is stored on the internet instead of on a local machine (such as a home computer, tablet, or laptop).  Listed below are some great advantages to storing your data in the cloud:

  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Access from any computer
  • The service you use backups your data which is usually better than what you do personally
  • With the use of strong passwords your data is safer with online services

One simple example of cloud services is Gmail. Google decided to provide free storage and email access to all of their users in exchange for small ads placed at the top of the screen. The benefit to you is that you can access your email from any computer and phone in the world, and if something happens to that computer or phone, your email is still safe. If anyone has ever lost all of their old emails you know what a benefit this can be. Another good example of this would be uploading pictures to Facebook. You can upload a photo, and access it on whatever device you use to log into your Facebook. We have clients come in all the time that broke their phone and didn’t have a backup. You can set the privacy settings for the images to “only you” upload them to Facebook and no one can see them but you; this is a great free way to always have access to your pictures. For businesses, some of these points are especially true, but sometimes due to the sensitive nature of the business, the data is needed to be kept on servers they own. Other than those situations, Wilson Computer always recommends online based services compared to local data. If you ever have any questions on what is the best service to use, and if it is safe, feel free to call us, 205-985-9942.

What, Where and How to Recycle Your Electronics?

So you have an old computer or another device that you know you shouldn’t just throw in the garbage, but what do you do with it? Most people just put it in a drawer or a closet and forget about it over time. One important thing to consider is that it is recommended to remove hard drives and destroy them by drilling holes in them with a drill motor. You can dispose of the hard drives after this process; this ensures that no one can access your data. With the average American home having 24 devices these old devices can add up quickly. The good news is that the Alabama Environmental Council runs the oldest nonprofit recycling center in the state. They process close to 2,000 tons of recyclables every year. Their information is below:

AEC Recycling Center
4330 1st Ave South
Birmingham, AL  35222

Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Here is a list of the products that they will take.

They do charge a small fee of $15 for computer monitors. The only thing they do not take is televisions and you can dispose of those at Best Buy, Advanced Technology Recycling or Protec Recycling here in Birmingham for roughly around $25 each.

For our business customers that need to setup an electronics disposal program, we recommend Advanced Technology Recycling in Hoover. They do a great job and provide a wide range of services to businesses.

Hopefully this will help you understand how to protect the environment and dispose of your electronics in a safe manner.

Protecting Your Credit Cards

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about protecting their credit cards. I recently had two debit cards that where stolen and used in another state. I caught the problem quickly and the bank handled the problem without any issues; but some are not so lucky. So first, let’s go over how someone gets access to your credit card.

Credit cards can be stolen a variety of ways, but the most common way is to use your card on an unsafe website. This begs the question, “What is an unsafe website?” I would not recommend using your credit card on a website that is not tied to a physical business with an easily seen address and pictures of the building and employees. If someone has invested in their business, property, and employees, they have something to lose. Stealing your credit card is not worth the loss of what they have built over the years. Someone that runs a small website out of their home selling items for lower prices because they have no overhead has nothing to lose by stealing your credit card; therefore I always recommend paying a little more when online shopping and don’t take the risk. Another scenario in which it would be easy for someone to obtain your credit card information is at a restaurant, or a similar place where your card is taken from you for a period of time. The best way to avoid this common misfortune would be to pay with cash and receive a receipt back. It is very easy for someone to swipe your card info when they walk away from your table. ATMs and gas pumps can also pose dangerous potential scams; the most commonly known is what is called a ‘skimmer’. Before inserting your card, pull up or down on the slot where your card is inserted, if this piece comes off, you can be sure that you have just witnessed a ‘skimming’ technique.

So what happens when your credit card is actually stolen? The thief takes your stolen information and puts it with other stolen cards to sell in bulk on the internet. They usually don’t get much per card because they never use them to make sure they are good. The first person that buys them usually makes small purchases to make sure they are good working cards then reprints your credit card on new plastic and then sells them to people on the street. They get more money for them this way because there is a physical card and they know it is good. The good thing to remember here is watch for small charges that are not legitimate and report them if you see them. Just because it is small does not mean that it is not a big deal. It is usually the prelude to someone running out the credit limit on your card.

Here are a few small steps to take that can help reduce your risk of credit theft:

  • Don’t let your card leave your sight
  • Only use your card at established businesses with a physical location and employees
  • Make sure to pull on credit card readers at ATMs and gas stations to check for skimmers
  • Use cash at restaurants

As a final note, the new credit cards with electronic chips definitely make duplicating your card more difficult but it does not stop it altogether. These cards can still be stolen online just as easily as the old card. As always if there is every any questions we can answer feel free to email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com .

Resetting Advertising ID on Android, iOS and Windows phones

Advertising is everywhere you look today and what makes todays advertising even more aggressive is that advertisers track everywhere you go. They learn your preferences and habits and target advertising to you. Did you know that Microsoft, Google and Apple track user habits and target ads according to searches, website visits, email mentions and various other sources? They do this on your computer, your phone, and even your tablet. To get an idea of how much targeting they do visit a website such as a car manufacturer website and look at their latest cars and notice how many car ads you see everywhere. So how do I stop tracking and stop letting everyone see everything that I am doing. Follow these simple steps:


  • Tap on the Google Settings app icon – that’s the cog with the “G” inside, and it’s different from your general Settings app, where the Display and other menus are located
  • In Google Settings, go to Services>Ads, and checkmark the Opt out of interest-based ads option
  • Tap on the Reset advertising ID option at the top



  • Go to the Settings app
  • Scroll to the Privacy menu, and go inside
  • Go all the way to the bottom, until you find the Advertising menu
  • In Advertising, move the slider for the Limit Ad Tracking to on position
  • Just like in Android, tap the Reset Advertising Identifier that is underneath the Limit Ad Tracking option.



Since the Windows 10 Mobile and other Windows handsets before it use your Microsoft account, it seems that you need to both turn things off on your handset, and go to the web to reset your ad ID and opt out of advertising trackers:

  • On your Windows phone, go to Settings>Privacy>Advertising
  • Tap on Advertising ID, and then turn off the “Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps” option, if on, then reset your advertising ID
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account at the “Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account” option on the right (in grey);
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account at the “Personalized ads wherever I use my Microsoft account” option on the right (in grey)
  • Turn off the ad tracking option.

Q/A: How do I protect my kids from viewing inappropriate sites on phones & tablets?

Everyone is aware of the dangers online for children, and many parents understand they need to put a family computer in a common room that is monitored, but sometimes parents don’t think about tablets and smartphones. Children are curious by nature, and it is a good idea to put protection in place to keep children away from sites that are not appropriate. Today we will cover two of the major phone brands and what you can do to protect them.


ShieldMyTeenAndroid Parental Control

ShieldMyTeen’s parental control app for Android leaves no stone unturned to ensure a safe online environment for your child. Its internet filtering feature wipes out all harmful and inappropriate content from your child’s online access through category-based, keywords-based, and white list/black list-based blocking systems.

Moreover, it allows you to prevent your child from using apps that you deem inappropriate for them by using the application blocking feature to completely block their functionality. The app further offers a wide range of protection features to minimize your child’s exposure to digital threats.

Read more at http://digital.guide/block-adult-content-on-android/8631/#Ys5QYfE7yJq6bZmS.99

iOS – iPhone & iPad

Apple has long included various means of placing parental controls and filtering for content available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, but up until recent iOS updates there was not a simple method of blocking web-based adult content and material in Safari. That has changed with iOS 7, which makes it extremely easy to prevent access to adult themed web sites and general content that is deemed inappropriate for youth. The web restrictions are very easy to toggle on and off and access to them is password restricted, which makes it perfect to quickly turn on before handing an iOS device off to a youngin’ for unsupervised use.

Blocking Adult Content in iOS Safari with Web Restrictions

  • Open “Settings” and head to “General”
  • Select “Restrictions” and enter the device passcode to proceed (or set one up if you haven’t done so yet)
  • Scroll down to the “Allowed Content” section and tap on “Websites”
  • Choose “Limit Adult Content” and exit out of Settings, or manually add websites to limit access to if necessary

Note the wording used is “Limit”, because while iOS Website Restrictions are not 100% perfect at blocking all inappropriate content, the filtering is generally very effective at restricting access to adult themed material. Throughout our testing it turned the web into a generally much more PG-friendly version, with occasional slip-ups possible through social media, though particularly enterprising youth may be able to find other ways around the filtration that we weren’t able to. If there are very specific websites you want to block access to, you can add them to the restrictions list separately by tapping on “Add a website” under the ‘Never Allow’ section.

With the “Limit Adult Content” filter enabled, you will find several layers of filtering applied to Safari browsing. It appears that Apple has a automatic filter layer to prevent direct access to many adult sites and mature web pages, but it also enables thevarious search engine based filtering options to prevent inappropriate terms from being queried independently, this is done through Google SafeSearch, Bing, and Yahoo, and possibly others, with the result being significant prevention of web searches for a wide variety of terms.

What it looks like when Safari Restrictions are used to block adult sites

Of course you’re probably wondering what it looks like to attempt access to restricted websites and search terms, and the two screen shots below demonstrate this. On the left side is an attempt to access a direct wikipedia entry for an adult theme (full URL not shown for obvious reasons), and on the right is a general adult-themed search attempted through Google SafeSearch (we tried to use a PG-13ish search term that would be filtered out, apologies if it’s offensive to anyone):

Note that if a direct URL is entered that has been dubbed mature themed, it will be blocked directly with a message saying “You cannot browse “(URL)” because it is restricted” – conveniently there is an “Allow Website” button, so if a child has encountered a website that should be allowed you can always tap that button, enter the devices restrictions passcode, and permit access to the site. Similarly, performing adult centric web searches are blocked directly, with nothing being returned for those terms.

Parents, educators, and adults should also recall there are other Parental Control options in iOS too, for apps, TV shows, movies, and other content accessible through the App Store and iTunes Store. If you plan on giving an iPhone or iPad to a child, it may be a good idea to go through and enable some of these restrictions, either to prevent access to inappropriate material, or even just to prevent accidental credit card charges by disabling in-app purchases, which can sometimes be borderline predatory in how they are aggressively used for many games aimed at kids.

 Note that the website restriction filters through this trick are limited to Safari, thus if users have third party browsing apps installed on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, separate application-level filters would need to be used for those specific apps, or direct access to those applications would have to be prevented. Another option would be to simply remove the third party apps in question, since they can be downloaded again easily if needed.

Setting Up Spam Filters in Plesk 11.5.30

Are you annoyed by those unwanted emails? Or do you feel like you some of your emails may be being filtered by mistake? Setting spam filters is a crucial step in maintaining security and getting rid of those unwanted messages that slip through. We are going to be showing you how to set up your email account to work with the built in Plesk Spam Filter. Feel free to click on the images to expand the view.

If you have an email account on our server, please log in here

You will be presented with the Plesk log in page. Please enter in your email credentials.


After you log in, please select “Change Mail Account Settings

02You will then be presented with several Panels you can choose. Please select “Spam Filter“. If this is disabled, please contact us to resolve the issue. Select “Show Advanced Settings“.


Once you select “Show Advanced Settings” you will be presented with the options to tighten your spam controls to suit your needs. The “Filter Sensitivity” number, which is currently set to a 7 below, determines how strict you want the Spam Filter to be.  The higher the number, the more likely a message is spam. By default, the filter sensitivity is set so that all messages that score 7 or more points are classified as spam. If you receive lots of spam messages with the current setting, to make filter more sensitive, try setting a lesser value, for example, 6. If you are missing email because your spam filter thinks they are junk, try reducing filter sensitivity by setting a higher value, for example, 8

If you want to ensure that specific senders make it to your inbox, you can add them to the White List. Likewise, if you feel like some Spam is slipping through the Filter, you can add the email address to the Black List


If you have any questions, need assistance with your email hosting, or are still having Spam slip through please give us a call at 205.985.9942 or email our Web Department.

Setting Up Email on Android via BlueMail

We are going to be showing you how to set up your email account on your Android device. We understand that mobility is important in the world of modern communication, and we are here to help in getting you up to speed.

If you have an email account on our server, we will show you how to link that account to the Android app Blue Mail. It is quick and easy.

STEP 1 – Install BlueMail from the PlayStore

Click on The PlayStore app on your Android device. It is outlined in red here.


In the search box on the very top of the screen, type in “Blue Mail”, this will bring up the app we will be installing. Select it.


Once you have searched and found BlueMail in the Play Store, please select “Install”.


Once BlueMail is finished downloading and installing, you should see a BlueMail Icon appear on your home screen. Go ahead and tap it to launch the app

Once you have launched the app, you should be presented with the Blue Mail home page. Please select “Add Other Account” to link your email account on our server to your device

After selecting, “Add Other Account“, you will be presented with a list of Account Options. Please select “Other Email

You will then be asked to enter in your email account and Password. Once you are done entering in your details, please select “Next”. The app should automatically detect any incoming and outgoing email settings on the server. If you experience any issues during this step, please contact us.

The app will begin checking for email server information, and will then present you with a name you can select. This name will be presented on emails that you send out, and a description field. The description field is set so you can know whether this is a work email or personal account, in case you need to set up more than once account.
Click “Done” once you have entered in your information.

Thats It! You should now be presented with your Inbox! To create multiple accounts, you can select “Accounts” on the Bottom, and then Select, “Add Account

Thats it! Enjoy!

Reviewing Wilson Computer on Google Places and Create a Google Account

Step One: Signing into your Google account or creating an account without Gmail

The first step to giving your opinion on services performed by Wilson Computer is to sign in to your Google account. If you do not have a Google account you can create one HERE without having to create a Gmail account. Follow the steps on the page to create an account.

Create Google account without gmail

Step Two: Find our Places page and click review

The second step is to go HERE if your work was completed from Alabaster, and HERE if your work was completed from our Valleydale Road office. Then at the bottom of the page in the box labeled “Been there? Share your experience”  is where you can click “Write a review”.

google account without gmail

Step Three: Write your review and publish it!

The third and final step is to type your review into the pop-up window. Then click publish to finalize your review and allow the rest of the world to see what you have to say.

create a google account

Thank you very much for your feedback and business. We strive to provide excellent customer service and we love to hear your feedback!

First time setup of email with an iPhone 4 for Charter email addresses

From the experts at Wilson Computer Support

Configuring your email to be used with your iPhone is a simple process. This tutorial will help guide you through the process of email setup, and by the end you should be able to access your email everywhere you go! If you have any problems, we would be happy to assist you, just call 205-985-9942 or email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com  and one of our expert technicians will help you with your email setup.


The first step to setting up email from your iPhone is to press the “Mail” icon on the bottom of your home screen.

iphone charter email

Step Two

This brings you to the “Add Account” Screen. Charter email addresses would fall in the “Other” category.

email iphone

Step Three

At this point, we will actually be setting up the account. We usually recommend our customers use the POP email type, indicated by the depressed button at the top of the screen. In the next area Name field enter your email address. The address field is your email address again.  Under the description, re-enter the email address. In the incoming mail server area, host name for charter customers will be mobile.charter.net. The user name will be your email address, and the password is your account password.

email setup iphone

Step Four

At this point enter your host name, user name, and password in the outgoing mail server. The host name will again be webmail.YOURDOMAINHERE.com, your username will be your full email address (john123@charter.net), and your password is the password you use to connect to your email.

charter email iphone

Step Five

At this point, if a screen pops up asking you if you would like to continue without SSL, select Yes.

Step Six

This will lead to the Advanced Settings Menu, do not change any of these settings.

setting up email iphone

Step Seven

At this point click save.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your email is now setup and ready to use. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to call us at 205-985-9942, or email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com, and let one of our technicians assist you today.


Eudora: How to Save Emails to Your Mail Server

Saving emails on email server with Eudora.

From the experts at Wilson Computer Support.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Eudora account to save emails to the server. The reason most people do this is because it allows your emails to be stored in a location other than your computer, so if an email gets accidentally deleted or lost, you can recover it by accessing your server. If you have any questions or issues, you can call our office at 205-985-9942, or email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com.


Step One

First, open your Eudora email client and select the Tools option in the upper left hand corner.

eudora save email to server

Step Two:

Then select “options” from the drop-down menu.


save email to server

Step Three:

At this point, you will see a window listing all the options for customizing your email setting. Select the “Incoming Mail” icon on the left side of the menu, and check the box beside the “Leave mail on server” option.

save email eudora

Step Four:

At this point you can choose to delete mail saved to the server after a specific number of days (leave the number at zero to save indefinitely). You can also choose to remove emails saved to the server after you empty your Eudora trash can.

eudora email

Step Five:

Review all the information and make sure you are saving your emails for the time period you would like for them to be saved. Leave the server configuration and authentication style unchanged in order to ensure you can still access your email how you were accessing it prior to saving emails to server. At this point click “OK”.

eudora save emails on server

Step Six:

Congratulations! You have configured your Eudora email to save your emails to the server! If you experience any issues with your emails please call 205-985-9942, or email help@wilsoncomputer.com.