Eudora: How to Save Emails to Your Mail Server

Saving emails on email server with Eudora.

From the experts at Wilson Computer Support.

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up your Eudora account to save emails to the server. The reason most people do this is because it allows your emails to be stored in a location other than your computer, so if an email gets accidentally deleted or lost, you can recover it by accessing your server. If you have any questions or issues, you can call our office at 205-985-9942, or email us at


Step One

First, open your Eudora email client and select the Tools option in the upper left hand corner.

eudora save email to server

Step Two:

Then select “options” from the drop-down menu.


save email to server

Step Three:

At this point, you will see a window listing all the options for customizing your email setting. Select the “Incoming Mail” icon on the left side of the menu, and check the box beside the “Leave mail on server” option.

save email eudora

Step Four:

At this point you can choose to delete mail saved to the server after a specific number of days (leave the number at zero to save indefinitely). You can also choose to remove emails saved to the server after you empty your Eudora trash can.

eudora email

Step Five:

Review all the information and make sure you are saving your emails for the time period you would like for them to be saved. Leave the server configuration and authentication style unchanged in order to ensure you can still access your email how you were accessing it prior to saving emails to server. At this point click “OK”.

eudora save emails on server

Step Six:

Congratulations! You have configured your Eudora email to save your emails to the server! If you experience any issues with your emails please call 205-985-9942, or email

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