First time setup of email with an iPhone 4 for Wilson Computer Support Customers.

First time setup of email with an iPhone 4 for Wilson Computer Support Customers.

From the experts at Wilson Computer Support

Configuring your email to be used with your iPhone is a simple process. This tutorial will help guide you through the process of email setup, and by the end you should be able to access your email everywhere you go! If you have any problems, we would be happy to assist you, just call 205-985-9942 or email us at  and one of our expert technicians will help you with your email setup.


The first step to setting up email from your iPhone is to press the “Mail” icon on the bottom of your home screen.

iphone setup emailStep Two


Then, for Wilson Computer hosted email accounts, select “other” under account types. For all other account types, select the option that applies to your email account. A Charter email account will be “Other”

how to setup email iphone


Step Three

At this point, we will actually be setting up the account. We usually recommend our customers use the IMAP email type, indicated by the depressed button at the top of the screen. In the next area Name field enter your full email address. The address field is your email address again, for example: Under the description, re-enter the email address one more time. In the incoming mail server area, the server name for Wilson Computer customers will be webmail.<YOURDOMAINHERE>. Please replace <YOURDOMAINHERE> with your website domain name (for instance, Wilson Computer Support would use

iphone 4 email setup

Step Four

At this point enter your host name, user name, and password in the outgoing mail server. The host name will again be, your username will be your full email address (, and your password is the password you use to connect to your email.

email setup iphone

Step Five

At this point, if a screen pops up asking you if you would like to continue without SSL, select Yes. It may also tell you that the certificate for the email cannot be verified, if this occurs, select Continue.

iphone 4 how to setup email

iphone 4 email

Step Six

This will lead to the Advanced Settings Menu, do not change any of these settings.

email iphone 4 setup



Step Seven

At this point click save.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your email is now setup and ready to use. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to call us at 205-985-9942, or email us at, and let one of our technicians assist you today.

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