How To Find Emails That Were Falsely Marked As Spam


Don’t you hate when emails are accidentally marked as spam? I know that I do and finding them in gmail can be easy but what about when your emails are hosted with us at Wilson Computer Support?

Here is a simple guide to help you find emails that were falsely marked as spam.

  1. Visit There you will find a login page like the picture below.
    Step1 - Copy
  2. Login using your full email address for your “Username” and the password for your email account. If you do not know your email password, please contact us and we can assist you with that.
  3. Once you are logged in, find the “View/Release Stored Spam” at the bottom of the page. If you do not see this button, then you do not have any spam email available for release.Step2 - Copy
  4. Select any email you would like to release from spam, select it’s check box, and click “Release Message”. The selected emails will now be delivered as requested, so they will appear in your normal inbox for review.Step3 - Copy

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