Setting Up Email on Android via BlueMail

We are going to be showing you how to set up your email account on your Android device. We understand that mobility is important in the world of modern communication, and we are here to help in getting you up to speed.

If you have an email account on our server, we will show you how to link that account to the Android app Blue Mail. It is quick and easy.

STEP 1 – Install BlueMail from the PlayStore

Click on The PlayStore app on your Android device. It is outlined in red here.


In the search box on the very top of the screen, type in “Blue Mail”, this will bring up the app we will be installing. Select it.


Once you have searched and found BlueMail in the Play Store, please select “Install”.


Once BlueMail is finished downloading and installing, you should see a BlueMail Icon appear on your home screen. Go ahead and tap it to launch the app

Once you have launched the app, you should be presented with the Blue Mail home page. Please select “Add Other Account” to link your email account on our server to your device

After selecting, “Add Other Account“, you will be presented with a list of Account Options. Please select “Other Email

You will then be asked to enter in your email account and Password. Once you are done entering in your details, please select “Next”. The app should automatically detect any incoming and outgoing email settings on the server. If you experience any issues during this step, please contact us.

The app will begin checking for email server information, and will then present you with a name you can select. This name will be presented on emails that you send out, and a description field. The description field is set so you can know whether this is a work email or personal account, in case you need to set up more than once account.
Click “Done” once you have entered in your information.

Thats It! You should now be presented with your Inbox! To create multiple accounts, you can select “Accounts” on the Bottom, and then Select, “Add Account

Thats it! Enjoy!

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