What Is A Cloud And Why Do I Need It?

One of the most common questions we get in the residential department is what exactly is a cloud and what do you do with it. When ‘the cloud’ is mentioned, this is simply another way of saying that data is stored on the internet instead of on a local machine (such as a home computer, tablet, or laptop).  Listed below are some great advantages to storing your data in the cloud:

  • Access from anywhere in the world
  • Access from any computer
  • The service you use backups your data which is usually better than what you do personally
  • With the use of strong passwords your data is safer with online services

One simple example of cloud services is Gmail. Google decided to provide free storage and email access to all of their users in exchange for small ads placed at the top of the screen. The benefit to you is that you can access your email from any computer and phone in the world, and if something happens to that computer or phone, your email is still safe. If anyone has ever lost all of their old emails you know what a benefit this can be. Another good example of this would be uploading pictures to Facebook. You can upload a photo, and access it on whatever device you use to log into your Facebook. We have clients come in all the time that broke their phone and didn’t have a backup. You can set the privacy settings for the images to “only you” upload them to Facebook and no one can see them but you; this is a great free way to always have access to your pictures. For businesses, some of these points are especially true, but sometimes due to the sensitive nature of the business, the data is needed to be kept on servers they own. Other than those situations, Wilson Computer always recommends online based services compared to local data. If you ever have any questions on what is the best service to use, and if it is safe, feel free to call us, 205-985-9942.

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