What, Where and How to Recycle Your Electronics?

So you have an old computer or another device that you know you shouldn’t just throw in the garbage, but what do you do with it? Most people just put it in a drawer or a closet and forget about it over time. One important thing to consider is that it is recommended to remove hard drives and destroy them by drilling holes in them with a drill motor. You can dispose of the hard drives after this process; this ensures that no one can access your data. With the average American home having 24 devices these old devices can add up quickly. The good news is that the Alabama Environmental Council runs the oldest nonprofit recycling center in the state. They process close to 2,000 tons of recyclables every year. Their information is below:

AEC Recycling Center
4330 1st Ave South
Birmingham, AL  35222

Monday – Friday, 7am – 6pm
Saturday – Sunday, 10am – 4pm

Here is a list of the products that they will take.

They do charge a small fee of $15 for computer monitors. The only thing they do not take is televisions and you can dispose of those at Best Buy, Advanced Technology Recycling or Protec Recycling here in Birmingham for roughly around $25 each.

For our business customers that need to setup an electronics disposal program, we recommend Advanced Technology Recycling in Hoover. They do a great job and provide a wide range of services to businesses.

Hopefully this will help you understand how to protect the environment and dispose of your electronics in a safe manner.

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