Why Secure Passwords are Important

password-64047_1280 (1)Passwords are quite the interesting topic as some people just see them as annoyance and hard to keep up with, but in reality, they are a fundamental part of what keeps your accounts and your data in general safe. Passwords are used for a lot of things and are usually tied either to a unique username or a unique email address. The biggest concern a lot of people have is that their password will either be too easily figured out or will be too hard for them to remember, but it’s actually quite easy to find the level of complexity they are looking for while still making it somewhat easy to remember.


The biggest thing you want to focus on when coming up with a new password is the
overall level of security. The first thing you want to think about is the length and you will probably want to go for a password that is at least 8 characters or more in length.  This will make it harder for anyone to just guess out right and will allow you to create more memorable passwords. The next thing you will want to think about is the complexity of the password.  You will probably want to have at least 1 number and 1 symbol. This will make your password much more complex and will prevent the majority of brute force attempts, which is when someone runs a program to iterate through all possible combinations to try and generate the correct password. Thus adding these extra characters will make it take much longer to iterate through it all.  Try this link to help you manage your passwords!


Next, you will want to consider how well you will be able to remember this password because forgetting happens quite a bit. It is recommended that you don’t do anything too obvious because even if it is easy to remember it is also vulnerable. Having a certain phrase or using repetition can usually help with remembering passwords, but when I say repetition I don’t mean re-using passwords I’m referring to something like 9988 or something like that in which a certain element is repeating. This will generally make your passwords easier to remember but without making them too easy.


Finally, if you find that you are having trouble remembering passwords or coming up with your own unique password, the majority of browsers have built-in tools that will not only remember passwords and type them in for you, but will also auto-generate passwords for you if you choose to do so. The majority of the time these systems are very well encrypted and have very little security risk, but just like anything else out there they are not unbreakable.  That being said, it is always recommended to find a method to keep up with your password.  (Click on the link to go directly to a password generator.)

To conclude, passwords are an important part of maintaining control of your accounts as well any information connected to them. Make sure you make all of your passwords as secure and memorable as possible, and make use of the built-in tools where you feel it is necessary.


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