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As a computer support business we get a fair amount of questions about computers and their parts and we are happy to answer these questions for our clients.  The following list of questions is what we are asked most frequently and a simple yet detailed answer to each of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What size hard drive do I need?

A:  The answer to this question depends on what you are going to be using the computer for. For instance, if you are going to be using your computer for just basic documents and minimal applications then you would only need about 250 GB hard drive. If you plan on doing something that involves a lot of applications or are planning to keep a good amount of pictures and documents on your computer, then I would recommend somewhere between 500 GB and 1 TB hard drive. There are hard drives larger than this, but anything larger than a 1TB drive is usually not needed.


Q: Can a failing hard drive be fixed?

A: No, a failing hard drive would have to be replaced. If it is a solid state drive then it is either working or failed, but if it is a hard disk drive then it could be failing for years without any indication. If you ever find that your hard drive is failing it is recommended that you either replace the hard drive or at very least backup your data in case it does fail.


Q: Can you fix my broken screen?

A: We can go a step further and replace your screen altogether. Almost 100% of the time, screens can’t actually be repaired. The method for screen replacement differs depending on the device.

Mobile: If your screen is broken or damaged on a mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.) then the screen is made up of two layers that may need to be replaced. The first layer is the digitizer which is the part of the screen that is touch-sensitive and allows users to interact with the screen of their device. The second layer of the screen is the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and it is what actually displays the content of your device such as apps, pictures, etc. Neither of these layers works well without the other as without a digitizer you couldn’t do much with your device, and without an LCD nothing would be displaying for you to touch.

Laptop: If your screen is broken or damaged on a laptop your only course of action would be to replace the screen entirely. In almost all damaged laptop screen cases, the only option is to replace the entire screen structure.

Desktop: This one would depend on whether the damage to the monitor is just superficial or if it is actually causing display problems. Superficial damage such as scratches, fingerprints, etc. cannot really be fixed and shouldn’t be worried about unless it’s bothersome. If there is damage causing display problems, the monitor itself should be replaced.


Q: Why won’t my computer turn on?

A: This problem can be an indication of one of three things. It’s either going to be an issue with the charger, the battery, or the motherboard. If the issue is with the charger or the battery those are both fairly easily replaced, but if it’s the motherboard it was probably due to a short circuit of some kind. While it is possible to replace the motherboard there is a good chance that the new motherboard won’t work properly and will cause issues once it is installed. Most of the time it is recommended that you get a new computer rather than try to replace the motherboard.


Q: Why is my computer getting so hot?

A: This issue is likely overheating, which is probably being caused by one of two things or some combination of these two things. First, it could be caused by your heat sink, which is used to take in and absorb heat from your processor and the rest of the computer Secondly, it could be caused by your system fan which works in conjunction with your heat sink to disperse hot air in your computer and push it outwards. If either one or both of these things are not working properly, your computer is likely to heat up and once it gets hot enough it will stop functioning properly.


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