First time setup of a WCS Hosted Exchange Email with an iPhone 4

First time setup of a WCS Hosted Exchange Email with an iPhone 4 for Wilson Computer Support Customers.  From the experts at Wilson Computer Support Configuring your email to be used with your iPhone is a simple process. This tutorial will help guide you through the process of email setup, and by the end you should be able to access your email everywhere you go! If you have any problems, we would be happy to assist you, just call 205-985-9942 or email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com  and one of our expert technicians will help you with your email setup.


The first step to setting up email from your iPhone is to press the “Settings” icon on the bottom of your home screen.


Step Two

Scroll down until you see Mail, Contacts, and Calendar. Click on it when you see it


Step Three

Find the Add Account button and click it.


Step Four

A screen should appear with a number of different types of email choices. Select “Exchange”.


Step Five

At this point, we will actually be setting up the account. In the email field enter your full email address, for example: John@domain.com. Enter your password in the password field. Under the description, re-enter the email address one more time.


Step Six

If you entered your password correctly, you should be taken to a screen with four buttons: Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Reminders.


If the icon is green and the circle is at the right side, you have selected to activate these features. If you would like to import your contacts from your email account to your iPhone,press the icon to the right of Contacts. The following screen will appear: TUTORIAL7

Select Keep on My iPhone. If you select Delete, all your current contacts will be deleted!

Step Seven

When you are satisfied with your settings, select the save button in the top right hand corner.


CONGRATULATIONS! Your email is now setup and ready to use. You should be able to access your account from the mail application and be able to see your new account under the Mail, Contacts, and Calendars tab in Settings. If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to call us at 205-985-9942, or email us at help@wilsoncomputer.com, and let one of our technicians assist you today.

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