How to update your WordPress blog

How to update your WordPress blog

This article will tell you how to update your sites WordPress blog. This is important to keep your blog from being compromised and also to get you the latest WordPress features. As always if you need assistance just give us a call.

1. Navigate to your wordpress blog’s admin page (yoursite.com/wp-admin) and log in. If you have issues finding your login page or credentials give us a call, (205)985-9942 opt 3.

2. Once you log in, you will be presented with a screen that looks like this:

If your version of WordPress is outdated, you will be notified at the top. Clock on the link that says “Please update now.”

3. On the following page, click the blue button that says “Update Now”:

4. After clicking Update Now, you should be prompted for your FTP information. If you are unsure of your FTP credentials, give us a call, (205)985-9942 opt 3.

  • “Hostname” should be set to localhost (see picture)
  • FTP Username and FTP Password should be set to your FTP Username and FTP Password.
  • “Connection type” should be set to FTP.

After filling in all the information, click “Proceed”, you should then be presented with a page like this:

After the script runs (should take anywhere from 3-60 seconds), you will be redirected back to your WordPress Admin page.

That’s it! Your installation of WordPress is now up to date. To read more about WordPress visit www.wordpress.org.






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