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Your goal is to provide a memorable and relaxing experience for your guests. Taking care of people, you’re detail driven. But, taking care of your technology? You’re at a loss. Keeping your infrastructure updated, performing backups, protecting guest’s information, managing bandwidth and other tech requirements are overwhelming.

Wilson Computer Support provides proactive support and tools for hotels and restaurants that eliminate the stress of managing your IT. As your IT partner, we’ll monitor and manage updates, patches, backups, security and more. Whether you need virtualization and remote support, PCI compliance and reservations support, or lobby and in-room Wi-Fi, we’ll provide your guests with a 5-star tech experience.

How Wilson Computer Support’s Hospitality IT Solutions Helps You


As your organization grows, so do your IT needs. WCS’s flexible tech solutions easily adjust to provide support. Whether you’re adding rooms to an existing location or opening a new location, we’ll install, migrate and deploy servers, networks and systems.


You rely on technology to check-in guests, hold reservations and book appointments. Experiencing downtime is not only frustrating for you, but it’s also frustrating to your customers. WCS provides backup and recovery, computer, server and network support to ensure you always provide the best experience and accommodations.


Keeping your customer’s personal and financial information safe is essential to building credibility, reliability and meeting PCI compliance. WCS analyzes your infrastructure and finds vulnerabilities that prevent you from meeting compliance standards and putting your guests at risk. Then, we fill the gaps in your security and bring you up to standards.


It’s common for people to use the same password for multiple sign-ins because it’s easier to remember, but this makes your entire system more vulnerable to hackers and cyber attacks. WCS implements password expiration and requires password resets more frequently to keep your system more secure.

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