Virtual Reality in Sports?

Technology plays a bigger role in football than anyone can imagine.  From Pylon cameras to 50 yard television screens, technology has become an essential tool for the success of us enjoying the game.  It has come a long way since the first time that football was introduced on television and it will only get better!

We watch football primarily for our favorite team to come away with the win.  Whether your team is college or pro, Alabama or Auburn (or Florida State, Go ‘Noles), our teams have to practice and attempt to find new and innovative ways to get a jump on the competition.  One of these “jumps” include…wait for it…VIRTUAL REALITY!!!  How awesome is that?!

STriVR founder and CEO Derek Belch has created a system that allows its users to experience a virtual setting that gives them a real life scenario of actually being in the football field.  It allows them to emulate plays and situations as if they were actually at practice.  This technology gives the players and the coaches an opportunity to run in-game scenarios without the risk of their players getting hurt.

Another start-up company by the name of EON uses a similar technology, however, they use more of a video game setting, which allows their program to be more interactive.  Now, this is not to be confused with the popular EA Sports game Madden, but it is a version of a video game that is specific to the team that uses it.  For those of us that have ever played Madden and feel as if we can go out and play a real game afterwards, I’m sure we know how beneficial EON’s system can truly be!

For all of us who love football and technology, these new inventions are something that we should be excited about.  Technology is always improving and changing, finding ways to make life easier or more entertaining, but it’s also designed for improving the safety and well-being of its user.  Originality and ingenuity, paired with technology, can yield unimaginable results just like the examples above.  Who knows what the future will hold?


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